Let's Get Busy for Izzy!


Izzy's Legacy

In 2007, Marilyn’s youngest daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with a rare Leukemia (JMML) at 7 months of age. The ONLY treatment for this rare disease was, and still is, a Bone Marrow/Stem cell Transplant. Not enough advancements have been made in the treatment of this cancer affecting young children. 

Unfortunately, none of Isabella’s family were a match for her. Although Isabella did find her match, she succumbed to complications 6 months later. Isabella taught her family so many lessons while she was here. One of the most important lessons they learned was the concerning lack of diversity in the Be The Match Registry. While they searched for her donor, Marilyn had entered her other children’s and her own information only to find that they had no matches out there.  

Our nonprofit is dedicated increasing diversity and representation on the Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Registry and providing financial support to individuals on a cancer journey.  We strive to create a community that celebrates diversity, inclusion and equity in the healthcare system.  Our mission is to empower and educate individuals from underrepresented communities about the importance of stem cell/bone marrow donation.  We are committed to saving lives, improving health outcomes and creating a more just and equitable society.